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Construction sites can be hazardous environments. Failures to maintain safety protocols can cause injuries, leaving employees out of work and dealing with a loss of income. Injured and unable to provide for their families, they worry about how they will keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.

Workers hurt on the job site need help with navigating their options under California law. Employers have an obligation to provide worker’s compensation insurance. However, a worker’s compensation claim limits the benefits provided to the employee to partial payment of lost wages and no payments for pain and suffering. In some cases, you can file a civil claim and could receive a larger award. Construction sites also involve multiple parties who may be liable, so the claim may not just involve your employer. If you have suffered an injury that is impacting your ability to work and bring in the income you once did, an experienced personal injury attorney can seek justice on your behalf and help prevent financial distress and foreclosure of your home.

The attorneys at Lamb & Frischer Law Firm, LLP have over 20 years of experience litigating construction injury cases. In 2015, Lamb & Frischer obtained a $10.7 million verdict for a construction worker who tripped on uncapped rebar, leading to significant back injury and a subsequent brain injury.

Common Construction Site Hazards

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, common hazards for construction workers include:

  • Lack of slip-and-fall protections
  • Lack of adequate safety training
  • Unsafe scaffolding
  • Failure to provide adequate respiratory protection
  • Unsafe or unsecured ladders
  • Inadequate machinery safety
  • Inadequate eye and ear protection

Unethical employers may try to persuade unsuspecting workers that they are not eligible for worker’s compensation benefits because they caused their own injury. Not only is that untrue, but the common causes of construction injuries may rise to the level of negligence and subject the company to OSHA fines.

It’s imperative to speak to an attorney about your options if you suffered a debilitating injury. This will ensure you get the full compensation you deserve for lost wages and other suffering so that you can prevent the foreclosure of your family’s home.